Let's Not Tip-Toe To This Music Anymore

March 15, 2009
By marikasaysss BRONZE, Oakton, Virginia
marikasaysss BRONZE, Oakton, Virginia
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And you wouldn't think it'd change too much
I mean it was just the movement of my hand and
It was the night that everything stood still
Waiting for who would move first and let it all go
Little did I know it'd be me
Then my heart began to beat
And I held out my hand
And you brought me to my feet
And before I could speak
We were moving to rhythms we'd never repeat
Little did I know it'd really never be me
And after this night you wouldn't love me anymore
But I knew the next day as my body laid against the ground
And tears streamed down the cracks in the wood floor
But you couldn't hear a sound
Just quiet tears and quiet love as I drowned
But I didn't die, just only on the inside
But that mattered to me and it used to matter to you
Back in the day when we'd pretend I had my way
But it's too little too late
Too little concern and too late to change
So I guess you'll always be that way and we'll always remain the same
As nothing, and that doesn't really matter,
I'm just saying.

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