empty castle

March 7, 2017
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My heart feeling like an abandoned castle
meant to be filled with love and warmth
but instead its filled with nothing but,
stone cold walls and emptiness.
Pictures hang in the corridors allowing me
to relive memories of a now so ancient time.
I keep myself occupied to keep myself from
pondering about my pain.
I was Luke and I lost my Vader.
He sailed off into the sunset carrying
the love from my heart in crates on board his ship.
My mom tends to my gardens and the appearance of my castle
she can not fix the interior and light the fireplaces that
will fill it with warmth and love.
Maybe one day i will set sail to and leave home to find my him.
Then I be able to open the doors to my castle 
and let warmth and love fill it turning it from a cold forsaken dungeon
to a castle filled with love and happiness like an never ending ball.

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