An Ode to Cross Country

March 6, 2017
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The cold brisk air nips at my neck
Excitement buzzes in the air as we wait for the busses to arrive
Tiredly, yet excitedly, we pack our things
And load up

Athletes talking,
Some sleeping
Some eating
Some just bored as ever,
We drive

When we arrive, an immediate anxious vibe fills the environment
We set up the tent
And start warming up

High knees, butt kicks, running back and forth
We prepare for the race
Soon we line up
Moms, dads, grandparents, teammates, friends, fo,
Everyone is there-cheering us on

My heart is beating so hard I'm afraid it might burst out of my body
“Runners take your marks”

We wait, impatiently
Then all of a sudden
The gunshot rings through the entire grounds
And we’re off

I’m in third place
Catching up to the second place runner
But I save my energy

Half way through I hit the wall
I’m panting and I loose a place
But then I get determined

I push through and gain my third place again
Finally, I’m at the last .5 mile
And I pick up the place

Gradually exhilarating, I get to second
And in the last stretch, I give it everything I’ve got
I finish in first

The hard work I put in at practice,
The wall I pushed through half way
It was all worth it
To see my team cheering for me

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