10-12 years

March 6, 2017
By Stoltz BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
Stoltz BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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My family and I are looking for a dog
We search on the web best dogs to own,
Golden retrievers are number one on the list
The site told us they live up to 10 -12 years

A week later,
We find a breeder.
As soon as we walk in
We see instantly see two big brown eyes looking at us,
As if that puppy knows we’re taking her home 
For 10-12 years.
One hour later we’re one our way home with our new puppy,
Her name is Miley.

10-12 years they said.

Miley was as happy as any dog could be
She made my family laugh
She made my family love
She made my family whole
And yes she made my family cry

But these weren’t happy tears
Oh no,
These depressed tears
Miley was diagnosed with a 13 cm mass in her chest that was pushing against her heart
She wasn’t even 2 yet.

10-12 years they said.

We thought we would get 10 more years of joy
10 more years of soft cuddles
10 more years of funny car rides
We thought

How do you watch a one year old dog get excited to eat but yet
Throws it all up no matter what you tried
We LITERALLY tried everything
Every kind of dog food
Every brand of dog food
We even tried to home cook her food but yet
She still got sick

August 20th, 2013
I’m in my 7th hour English one class
And I get a pass to get signed out,
Tears escaped me
Because I knew how the rest of my night would go.

August 20th, 2013
5 days after Miley’s second birthday
And we have to put her down.

10- 12 years they said.

The author's comments:

This piece is about my golden retriever named Miley. I wrote this poem because even after 4 years of putting her down, her loss is still very real for me. I hope readers understand that not all old dogs get sick with cancer and pass away. Her cancer could have been prevented if Miley was brought into a safe and stable environent. Knowing this I hope readers who are looking for a puppy do research on breeders 

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