What am I?

March 6, 2017
By Sophiesticated BRONZE, San Pedro, California
Sophiesticated BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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I am the thought that runs through your mind
When you think about getting
Some expensive shoes,
A puppy,
Or your first house
With your favorite person.
I am the thought in your mind
When you buy that gold ring
In that person’s size,
Tucked in a little red box
With pearl white lining.
I am the words
That slip through your chattering teeth
On a beautiful night,
Down on one knee,
In front of that same person.
I am the words
That they say in reply
To the strongest gesture
You can ever make to them.
I can be accompanied
By regret,
And anxiety
When I go wrong.
But if I go right,
You may just be
The happiest person alive.
What am I?


Answer: Commitment

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