The Battle

March 15, 2009
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The soldiers reluctantly prepare for battle,
and their wives comfort them with endless prattle.
The fate of the city lies in the hands
of a hundred strong men assembled in bands.

The night fills with tension,
and stiff apprehensions,
and the soldiers prepare for battle.

The children are grave,
and the horses misbehave.
and the soldiers leave loved ones for battle.

The end of the world seems so near today
but tomorrow it will seem a long ways away
as the soldiers march out to battle.

The enemy rises up with incredible might,
and the men from the village continue to fight,
and the soldiers continue to battle.

The sun rises up from far in the east,
and the soldiers lie down for a permanent rest.

Today the strength of enemy has prevailed,
and the will of the soldiers has entirely failed.

The women and children anxiously wait,
with no idea of the horrible fate.

A hundred strong men started the night,
and none return home from the terrible night.

The women and children cry out in sorrow,
knowing their husbands wont return home tomorrow.

And today the end of the world has begun,
starting out with the rising sun.
And the soldiers will never battle again.

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