The Lovers' Stone

February 24, 2017

Love is forever,

We are but flickering flames.

We love today, hate tomorrow.

Why must we participate in this foolish game?

But hate and love must intertwine,

Fight each other until the end of time.

I kill for love and die from hate.

Why must we play this foolish game?

Loved you, and only you forever I did,

But you betrayed me with the -------- kid.

People call me insane.

Why must we participate in this foolish game?

My God! My God! Forgive me for what I did!

It seems in my rage i killed my lover and the ------- kid.

I beat them both and torched them with flame.

I am sick of the foolish game.

Here i stand ready to do die,

Never will they see me cry.

Finally I understand love and hate,

I am prepared to meet my fate.

The pull of a lever

The falling sensation

I am done with the foolish game.

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