Latern in a Darkened World

February 23, 2017
Lantern in a Darkened World
The dark world surrounded me,
I didn't even notice the lantern behind me.
He caught me and asked to "excite me"
I said "I'm tired but enlighten me!"
He then read a scripture from the great book of knowledge, and thought the same.
He asked me if I wanted a lantern too,
and I said “yes please!”
He said "follow me" as he led me out,
To a better place where I could rejoice and shout, I said let's get started when I was happy, but the lantern said to me,
"It's not that easy", just ask the olive tree.
The one olive tree cried, and then said to me "I must die". But please don't cry,
because it's the circle of life.
Continue to strive for that lantern,
which is the greatest gift in the world.
In order to seek happiness, which is rich with the birds.
Then the tree sadly drooped,
Leaving me in fear,
But the coming things built up in me an urge to cheer.
The lantern then said to me "You are ready for this crown,"
He also gave me a lantern which made me scream out loud.
I could now carry a light in this Darkened world,
Where I could enlighten more people and feel great,
Not feeling like a statue, not making a mistake.
As I continue to strive, for what some consider a "figurative" paradise
Where the light shines bright,
and there's no such thing as the night,
As I continue to dream,
That soon this will be a reality,
I can't help but think greatly.
The light that shines bright,
More powerful than even the richest daylight,
Seems at first weak.
But as you look at its little light,
You will see that it shines brighter
Than all the stars combined.

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