Heart of Joy

February 25, 2017
He cut out a perfect heart
In perfect color too.
He knew when she saw it
It would say "I do love you"
Nervously, he picked it up &
Placed it in his pocket.
Walked quickly outside his door and merged in walking traffic.
He called a cab
To get there fast
And slid into his seat.
But before
he closed the door,
The heart fell down you see.
The taxi drove,
Away he'd go
The heart now on the street.
Then a stranger strolling by
Saw it at his feet.
He bent down to pick it up
Then gave it to his gal.
She gave her thanks,
Let out a laugh and walked on down her path.
A gust of wind flew
After soon
And took the heart out with it.
It flew & flew and floated through
Right by someone's old ticket.
Then, it landed gracefully on old & rusted rooftop.
A chimney sweep walked whistling
And found the tattered heart.
He was confused and old &blue
Just imagine his start.
But he placed it in his hand,
His face forming a smile.
He let it fly into the sky
For quite another mile.
On & on this small heart moved
New joy for all who found it.
Until at last, she finally passed
And was really quite astounded.
For when she saw this little heart she squinted good and closely
And she saw right on the back
Her name written quite nicely.
She grabbed this heart and held it tight
Placed right next to her own.
When up she glanced
She saw a man
Who's heart beat with her own.
Red and frazzled, nervous too
She saw in his demeanor.
She knew this heart must be from him.
For there was no one sweeter.
She ran to him & kissed his cheek
Then blushed and shied away.
He saw the heart within her hand
And knew that she would stay.
So there they were quite happily,
Among each other's essence.
Neither knowing when or why or how
The heart was present...

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