Garden House

February 24, 2017
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When I was little I lived in a smaller house and in Federal Way.  The reason why I moved to Marysville was because our family rose big it was like we had 100 kids in the house. I looked around I always see people zooming in and out of the house.

    Then when I moved to a big house like it was like me walking into a hotel
I was like, “Dang that's big,” here we had a lot of  land so my parents decided to make a garden. Then I said “This is going to be fun.”   It was pretty hard to make a dirt square with a greenhouse and a fence around it. I had to help my parents make it. Well, I was little so I didn’t know much it felt like I was super dumb and I was barely any help. Well of course I had older brothers to help my parents out. When my dad pulled out the tractor he started it, I could feel the ground shake. So when we finally made our garden layout and in the greenhouse it was so hot like it was 1000 degrees, we started planting food like tomatoes and corn,strawberries,peas, potatoes,and onions. It was like we had a grocery store in our own backyard. So when my mom was pulling weeds out I saw she had a bucket of dirt by her.I could hear birds chirping and the wind blowing. And remember I was little so I grabbed the pile of dirt and thought it was chocolate and stuffed all that dirt in my mouth. I was chomping all that stuff like “CHOMP CHOMP” IT WAS BAD!! It was like as if I was about to die. I spit it out like so fast as if it was like a rocket. It tasted like I was eating a million  bugs.
I heard my mom laughing in the background. 
Then she asked, “Are you ok.”
Then I said, “Not really.”
My mom went to go wash me up and said, “Don’t eat that stuff again.”
       The lesson I learned was that when being little you don’t know much and you just do like whatever. I also really liked chocolate like I could eat a million chocolates. I also learned that everything you see don’t always eat it.Well I was little and I didn't know much.That's my story.

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