The God of Death

February 9, 2017
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My lover is not the blinding sun or the pale moon, she’s my lady death.
She will wait for my parting, and I am in love with Annabeth.
Her crippled hands warmed my soul, and she makes me feel whole.
But, death is not the opposite of life it is only a part.
She brought me to life and made me pointless.
Now I am her hound dog that had been made worthless.

I just wanted to be put in the ground by her side, a demagogue, she made me worthless.
Myself would marry her before God, before the Devil, she gracefully made me something, death.
Personally being a guard canine ahead of my goddess, I would have done so as human, pointless.
She was a bewitching star, that summoned me on my bed, my divine, my Annabeth.
Her way of loving me was enriching my form, and putting me as a pet, only to part.
My purpose in life is now gone, and I would like to be with my darling as whole.

My loving dearest goddess of departure, her soul however wasn’t whole.
Without it, the gods above had deemed her worthless.
A ritual of despise a horcrux I would become, She said to me “Be my part.”
I bowed before her and she made me worthy of her, I am now a part of lady death.
She tricked the gods, into thinking I was half of her, my poor Annabeth.
Look at me and you would see that I am pointless.

I am already half of you, you have shaken my bones, and made my fears beautiful, but pointless.
The kings now see her as me, she is me and I am her, and I am whole.
I would never bite the hands that feed me and drive me to hell Annabeth.
I am a slave, I am a slave for her attention, A dog that is loyalty bound, my love is worthless.
She has broken me down to my core, my heart is death.
I will swallow her whole, to leave her to dust, to bring her destruction I will part.

This is not what I want, I will love her eternally inside my heart, and it would seem as if we never parted.
My horrible life, my wishes towards her, her summons, me and everything will be pointless.
I will be her fears, her soul, her beauty, her lust, her past, her dog, her death.
I will be entirely whole with you.
Everything you have ever done, will be brought as worthless.
You will always be my Annabeth.

While you’re sleeping, I will kill you Annabeth.
I bit her and ripped her to shreds, I had killed her and we had part.
I had covered her corpsed body, and layed you beside your empty casket which was worthless.
With parts of your soul misplaced, in my heart your death was pointless.
I ate your soul, and I have your laws placed inside my head, and feelings of your death.

Now I hold your crown with gloss and tears, I feel as though this is pointless without you dear.
The bells have tolled, I am whole,
I am the king, and the queen of departure, a dog of death.

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