What Happened

February 17, 2017

In the day that I was gone,
You were faded by the words of a con.
We had our plans
And we’d set them in stone;
I guess our plans meant nothing -
I’m chilled to the bone.
Everything in the past
brought us closer together.
Everything has disappeared so fast.
And I don’t know why.
I wonder what happened while I was away.
Now I have been Abashed!
My perspective, I can no longer say!
My words are like air,
Meaning they’re there
And yet they’re nowhere.
My progress will soon be lost
Just as you, oh my Gosh!
I feel as though no one cares.
And now for you I’m just another burden to bear.

Cold-blooded and fiendish rule,
All your words have turned harsh and cruel.
I know not what I’ve done,
My head will race until the Mourning sun
Awakens from her gentle slumber
And then brighten the sky as she warms our summer.

A blasphemer, a fox,
My words may come as shocks
but this is how I feel.

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