It's 2 AM

February 22, 2017
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It's 2 am and morning is nigh,
Soon people will wake and some will sigh.
Another morning, another day.
There really isn't much else to say.

It's 2 am and rain pours from the clouds,
I feel mellow and done with my bout.
I calm myself up from my emotional low,
My self-esteem took the most torturous blow.

It's 2 am and nothing feels right;
No matter what time it is at night.
I felt like a whore,
A burden that many have bore.

It's 2 am and my head is spinning,
Somehow all my doubt was winning.
I came out on top in the end.
But yet I feel as though somehow I've sinned.

It's 2 am and my life means nothing.
The reality of it all is really quite crushing.
My reality died with the loss of my ex.
Why is does life have to be so very complex?

It's 2 am and my will to live has left.
To me it feels like it was taken - theft.
I try to stay calm, keep cool.
But tomorrow I'm off and I want to go to school.

It's 2 am and I might as well be dying.
God knows, I long before quit trying.
Nobody values my existence.
I feel like I'm a nuisance.

It's 2 am and
morning is

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