Just A Spark

February 22, 2017

Just a spark

As I see my mom stumble into the kitchen a little drunk and annoyed looking for a lighter I can see the tension in her face start to build as she is thinking all I want is a cigarette, as she's shuffling through old papers and bills on the counter. I can see her  wanting to give up, as she walks over to the stove thumbling with the knobs as you can hear them go “click click click” as a light sparks she is
So focused on this one little task she doesn’t even seem to notice
the sleeve of her white blouse caught on fire. She looks down and sees her arm, frantically  she rips off her blouse and throws it into the sink, but as she throws it, it snags the side of the window curtains  and  immediately they  burst into flames.
As I see my mom standing in the kitchen of our small childhood home and the roof starting to cave in and smoke closing in.
All I can think about is all the memories and all the stuff, but none of that seemed to matter because even though we lost everything "important" to us she is the only important thing to me

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