February 22, 2017
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It happened to her
The one that lived across the street,
Running, playing, not a care in the world
The way a child should be
The only worry she encountered was being able to play in the upcoming days

The laughter I once always heard stopped
The shadow of her playing vanish
The sun that used to be bright seems to be dimming with each passing day
Soon it vanishes and all that is left is darkness
The storm finally takes control
Winds from all sides, overpowering anything and everyone it comes across
She tries to fight it off but the storm is too strong
I’ve come to the realization, that little voice would be never heard of again

No one is able to survive from this storm they said
The wind was too strong, it stole anyone's little trail of hope from them
All that is left is the damage the storm once brought
And the image of the little girl playing across the street

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