Friendship: A Love and Loss

February 21, 2017
By Anonymous

The days of childhood friendship
Where we would swim for hours almost all summer long and never get bored, or run out of activities. We’d spend days with our friends in the pool, lost to the wonder of the water and friendship.
Where we’d walk home each day after school, miming the wind blowing us away with each passing step. Our imagination and the weather playing together.
Where we’d walk with no sure destination, the long summer days giving us an adventure in the waiting. You’d skate ahead, the year you took up roller skating that is. I’d walk behind, my dog loping beside me in happiness.
Where we’d talk for hours without a loss of topic, each topic a chance for us to discover more about ourselves and what we enjoyed. Each topic bringing a long space of new topics.
The days of childhood friendship

The innocent times
With the two of us sitting in my living room, bowls of popcorn between us, as we watch hours of anime, cartoons, and movies without missing a beat, laughing and talking.
Coming up with stories with no plot or basis, laughing and commentary from you and my personal writing filling pages.
With the games we’d play, practicing our knowledge of words and one another while causing the other to laugh and giggle.
Where neither of us feared what would happen in the future or where we’d end up or when we’d go our separate ways.
The innocent times

Neither of us knew of our fate
When you’d betray me, going in the opposite direction of what I knew was right
Where we’d end up on opposite ends of the spectrum with our goals and life choices
How you’d choose the person in my life I consider the person who messed with my past the most.
How we’d end up not speaking or interacting as adults in this dark world.
Neither of us knew of our fate

The days of childhood friendship is lost
With each passing moment of pain and fear and betrayal
The innocent times are gone
Lost with the pain and hatred
You are unlike the person you were then
Gone is the girl I’d known most of my life
But then neither am I

The author's comments:

Written as an elegy for my childhood best friend 

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