What Poetry Is

February 21, 2017
By Anonymous

When I listen to poetry,
I like words that rhyme.
I’m not sure what it is,
But it happens all the time.
Poetry is odd, Poetry is weird,
have you ever heard a song about growing a beard?
Or the flowers in winter, and the snow in summer,
Or how the people are always asunder.
Humans are odd, just like poetry.
We try to rhyme, even without symmetry.
Even I cannot escape from this loop,
Every poem I write must rhyme. Whoops!
You can rhyme in the middle, you can rhyme on a bend,
You can rhyme just a little, or rhyme without end.
But the best poems of all are those without rhyme,
For they are the ones that will last all of time.
But poetry is more than just rhyme and rhythm,
It’s about our worlds and everything in them.
Poetry is a story, a book without end,
And we are the authors, poetry’s best friend.

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