February 15, 2017
By Nadiaaa BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Nadiaaa BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Anxiety is hurt. She longs for help but can never figure out who to ask. When she walks around, she looks like she's trying to get away from something- from herself. Her grey eyes are wide open making sure she knows everything around her. Her hair is blonde, so blonde that it looks white. it's very curly and frizzy. She puts her hair ina ponytail everyday because she does not care about switching up her style. She does not want it down so it is always in a low pony tail. A lot of small curly baby hairs pop out, showing that there was no effort put into the hair style. Anxiety wears no make-up, but is naturally beautiful. She doesn't notice it though. She doesn't seem to notice anything at all. She has been single for a very long time. Ever since she was a teenager she has been broken. A while back when she was finishing high school she was in a relationship for five years already. Everybody knew him, but nobody knew her. She was always loyal to him, and he was always loyal to her- even though every girl wanted him. They graduated high school together and went on a vacation. On that vacation while Anxiety was still asleep, her boyfriend went for a walk. When she wakes up she calls him and she can hear his phone ringing. She figures out that he has left his phone behind. So when Anxiety finds it she opens it up. What does she find? She finds that he is liar. She finds messages with another girl. She finds pictures in his phone of him and this other girl together! She leaves and never comes back. She can never trust again. Every boy finds her gorgeous. She moved far away and works from home. Nobody knows why she is sad all of the time. Nobody knows why whenever a boy asks her out or buys her flowers, she gives them no attention at all. She likes being alone. She doesn't smile. Her happiness is gone; all she ever feels in anxiety.

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