Ode to Dancing

February 14, 2017


           Everywhere I go you follow.                       You are my fire, my confidence,. 
          Like my body and soul,                               and my life. In the store, lake,
          we are one forever.                                    town, house, or relative’s house
          My life is with yours,                                   you start to manipulate me like
          my one and only passion in life                  a lifeless doll.
          until death do us part.                              

          When I hear music,                                  Like a drug you are my addiction,
           I would go crazy                                      with you I dance the night away.
          And you would start to take                     You shaped me into the person I
          shape in my body. Whether you are        was meant to be, you are my
           Smooth, fast, or hard you have              freedom and my dream.
           molded many forms within me.             .

           Whether I’m young or old, you
            Never let me go from your
           Shackles, always pulling me back
          and calling me.
        “ Dance”, you whisper then disappear,
         like a ghost .

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