Slow Down

February 13, 2017
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In this fast paced life we all lead there is a need to just
Get it all done right now, right here, but slow down.
Vroom! Cars are getting faster but when are you going to find
There is beauty that is missed daily when you don’t slow down.

Tensions can erupt and become quite ferocious
But easing that flame can be done by slowing down.
Around every corner of life there is pain and strife
Take care of yourself, and it can’t hurt to think to slow down.

Speed is essential to efficiency and productivity.
But when has relationships been carried out on that idea?
Slowing down is counter intuitive to making a killing
But necessary to building things that outlast novelty.

Cold and cruel has this world become in the need for new
Leaving the lasting broken by beating back human connection.
Make the conscious choice to do more fulfilling task of one thing,
Slow down.

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