Things I tell myself

February 8, 2017
By , South Plainfield, NJ

I tell myself you care about me,
Knowing that you don't.
I tell myself you'll stop hurting me,
Knowing that you won't.
I sit here, unable to think straight,
Telling myself not to cry.
Yet I let you itch your way back to me,
Too blind to question why.
I beg myself to let you go,
Knowing you want to leave.
I just can’t keep myself from you,
Making it harder to breathe.
I told myself not to do this,
I knew that I'd get hurt,
But you insisted that you'd be here,
Now I'm left in the dirt.
I tell myself I'm broken,
And with time I will move on.
I delete all of our memories,
And all our favorite songs.
I'll miss the way you held me,
Your scent taking up my car.
I'll miss the feeling of having you near me,
So close but still so far.
And now that I look foolish,
It's clear that I'm naive.
It's time to keep pushing on,
I tell myself, "Just breathe".
I'm weak enough to fall and break,
But strong enough to heal.
I tell myself this will be over,
I'll find love that's real.

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