The Swimmer

February 8, 2017

Approaching the block, he studies his opponents.
The suspense makes his heart rapidly flutter.
He faces towards the battlefield, concentrated.
His imagination begins to glide.
Watching over the water provides comfort,
And this becomes a sweet escape.

His anxiety makes him want to escape,
Yet, he must use his training to defeat his opponents.
The thought of winning provides great comfort.
Stepping on the block, his legs begin to flutter.
Away, his nerves glide.
His eyebrows furrow with concentration.

He goes into stance and looks down with concentration.
Then closes his eyes and plans his escape.
Off of the block, through the air he glides.
Even his dive is more extended than his opponents.
Entering the water, his legs begin to flutter
His landing was rather comfortable.

The water provides him such comfort,
It’s all that takes up his concentration.
Quicker his body continuously flutters,
From the land, he has escaped.
All that’s on his mind is success against his opponents.
His streamline continues to glide.

Against him, he feels the water glide
It conforms to his body and provides him comfort
Away from him, he passes his opponents.
He looks back down with concentration.
Faster from the starting block, he escapes.
And faster his legs flutter.

Rapidly, his heart flutters
Through the water, he glides.
From the other lanes, he escapes.
In the water, he finds comfort.
All he can do is concentrate,
One thing he has against his opponents.

Touching the wall, provided him comfort.
He finished the face due to concentration
Winning against his opponents.

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