Do You Remember?

February 13, 2017
By Anonymous

Do you remember that year?
The year full of petty behavior
The year that made you go insane
The year that makes you wish it never happened

The year that left you with a headache worse than the one caused by your parents
Annoyed you worse than your siblings when your belongings start magically disappearing
The year that had you counting down the months, days, and hours anticipating the end
This specific year made you question some of your friends

Do you remember that year?
The year that consisted of heartaches and breakups
The year that took you on an emotional roller coaster worse than Kingda Ka
This particular year put you through many tests which you probably should have failed

Well I remember that year
The year that  had many downfalls which I was able to conquer
The year that took the ones I cared for the most
The year that took me from hell and back yet I survived
The year of 2016, I’ll always  remember that year

The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by everything that I went through in the year 2016 and how I was able to conquer my troubles and learn from it all.

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