March 21, 2009
By Michael Gee BRONZE, Alameda, California
Michael Gee BRONZE, Alameda, California
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To inspire
is to turn a little spark
into a raging forest fire
burn it all down
to the ground
rebirth thru self-destruction
to create something from nothing

my existence in a few sentences:
I gotta mention this
getting into rap was accidental
had some problems that were mental
nothing serious just some internal
demons so I started a journal
I thought it would help
to express how I felt
and every line
just started to rhyme
I went thru some self-discovery
and recovery
I found myself thru hip hop
and I can't stop

I speak from my mind, heart, and spirit
make something and share it
let everyone hear it
not scared of failure
gotta take risks
life is hit or miss
not a 100 percent
what I meant is

it's easier to criticize
than to create
it's easier to hate
than to love
it's easier to tear something down
than to build it up

so to the haters: I don't care
I got two middle fingers for you right here
cuz see
these raps aren't just for me
they're for anyone who's lost
I'm just trying to toss
them a lifeline
and help them find
the right path
here's the math
if I can save just one life
with the words I write
it was worth the time
and I'll never stop writing rhymes
and spitting raps
till my fingers fall off and my lungs collapse

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