F_ck Censorship

March 21, 2009
By Michael Gee BRONZE, Alameda, California
Michael Gee BRONZE, Alameda, California
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respect the words that come out my lips
no ellipses
direct quote
don't sugarcoat
my words
cuz I say it how it's meant to be heard
the FCC
can't stop me
I say whatever I please
cuz there's no thought police
and censorship is wrong
you can cage the rapper
but not the song

my word choice is precise like a laser
my lyrics shock like a Tazer
I'm amazed you're
making a mountain out of a molehilly
you're silly
listening to me rap is like getting a wet willy
cuz I'm spitting in your ear
what I want you to hear

I'm bringing drama
like Obama
the first black president
I set precedents
with the 1st amendment
as an American resident
my words are weapons
Voltaire and his belief
that we should stand and fight
for the right
to say something you might not like

so if you wanna hate
join the club
pop in your ear plugs
it's your right to not listen
but you're missing
the point

cuz by making it taboo
words don't hurt see
unless you give them meaning
and by intervening
you give my words more power
cuz in our
day just like in the Garden of Eden
you draw a line
you'll find
that people'll just wanna cross it
freedom of speech have we lost it?

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