Just One Last Time

February 12, 2017

I'm a broken mess without you here

To hold me close and love me dear.

I miss the smell of your apple pie.

I wish that you didn't have to die.

I wish that you could see me now.

I wish there was a way somehow.

A way to feel your arms around me.

One last time, then I'll let you free.

Just one more hug and a kiss goodnight.

Just one more touch, and I'll be alright.

Just one last dance around the room.

Just one more hour of you to consume.

Just one more minute of boiling stew.

Just one last chance to say, "I love you."

One last waltz is all I ask.

Moving on is a difficult task.

Just one last chance so I won't have to cry.

Just one more day, not a last goodbye.

Just one last laugh so I can see your smile.

Just one last hug that'll last a while.

Just one more smell of your perfume.

Just one more nap in your bedroom.

Just one more time to braid my hair.

Just one last chance to say, "I care."
Just one last memory to keep in my head.

Just one last life that isn't dead.

What I ask can never be true,

But Grandma just know, I'll always love you.

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