When You left

March 21, 2009
By allyGATOR BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
allyGATOR BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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When you lift you took me with you but left my body behind.
You left me in the cold for someone else to find.
When you left the mirror broke.
I put the peices in the bathtop and sat in it to soak.
When you left you took my air.
Now i can't breathe but i don't care.
I know that i can't make your heart for you.
And everything you said wasn't true.
Your gone and i'm here carrying this load.
Down this dusty dark empty road.
When you left i couldnt feel couldnt see.
I thought i had died i was and i was relieved
When i opened my eyes i hadn't been release and set free
Thats when i realized you deserted me.

The author's comments:
I wrote it after a great loss...but i didnt soak in a bath tub full of glass

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