i was 11

February 11, 2017

I was 11
I met a man while I was at the park
He said he was having a party at his house and invited me
He was very nice, we walked to his house
He said I could stay if I wanted
He had a room in his house he said that was his daughters.
She was very beautiful, she looked like me.
The man was angry today
He sent me to bed without dinner
I went to sleep in my bed.
I woke up late in the day
There's duct tape on my mouth
The man usually wakes me up in the morning
I couldn't find him, he wasn't home
My skin is very pale
3 years had gone by, he hadn't come home
I'm cold.
My lips have turned blue
Today is my birthday
I have rope burns on my wrists
I miss my family
I would have been 14 today
Happy birthday! I heard faintly
It was my mommy I could see her
She couldn't hear me when I talked
She's crying
She asked god where I was,
My neck has a dark red line on it
She misses me
I hugged her
I'm home now mommy
There was a man in white
He came to me and said it was okay to go now
I love you mommy
I died when I was 11

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