Ode to hate

February 10, 2017
By camilo SILVER, Sacrmento, California
camilo SILVER, Sacrmento, California
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Hate, I used to hate you hate.
I used to worry about you.
I hated you, hate
I’d be scared of what people would had to say, their words full of hate and negativity that brought me down.
I was unhappy with myself.
Them I learned why you exist.
You exist to make people happy about themselves.
Now hate, doesn't bother me anymore.
If ever someone stole from me, just because of hate i wouldn’t even bother about it.
My first response would be “Oh man, you stole from me just because you hate me, it is replaceable but may that object that you stole bless you in any way.”
You let hate win so that makes you loose.
Screw hate.
I love hate.
Hate won’t hurt me.
It will just motivate me into proving you wrong. Hate, throw all you have at me, i will win with positivity.
Hate, is just a pain killer for some.
Hate is also a ticket to death.
Hate is my ticket to success.
I won’t stop till haters ask for hire.

The author's comments:

people use hate to make themselves feel big and tough.

While some people commit suicide and i just find this not right.

I just hope my writing will change someones thinking on giving someone a hard time. 

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