Ode to my mom

February 10, 2017
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                        Every morning you wake me up.
                 To make sure I’m not not late to school.
                  It makes me mad sometimes but I know
                  you just want the best for me. Your so
                  funny and goofy you always find ways
                  to make me laugh or smile. Your as bea-
                  utiful as a star in the sky. You can be as
                  curel as the devil. You can also be as nice
                  an angle. It’s funny because you dive me
                  crazy. I remember the time we went to L.A.
                  and. I scared my sister with the snake and
                 you yelled at me. It was funny but embarrassing
                 I remember when you cussed me out because I
                 was doing bad in school. I was so mad but I knew
                 why you cussed me out cause you just want the
                 best for me. I don’t know who can take care of
                 five kids without going insane. I just don’t know
                 How you can do it. You are as strong as a worrier.
                 I love you mom with all my heart. I am going to                      make you proud.  

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