Ode to water

February 10, 2017
By KarelyCarranza SILVER, Sacramento, California
KarelyCarranza SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Water is a powerful creation,

Each drop is a thing of beauty

Everything you create is fresh & clean.

Sometimes you bring  joy,

Sometimes you bring fear.

You are always here,

You are what makes the world alive

Without you the most beautiful

Things will fall apart 


Waterfalls not falling

Trees will not be green & tall

Roses won’t grow

Rivers will no longer flow


I want to see your beautiful creations &

Wonderful creations.

Everything you are able to do

Is endless.

People are amazed of nature,

Everything made from you


For you I will do everything.

If you were ever not to

Exist the world will die slowly.

Whenever you where to evaporate

Forever from earth,

Earth will no longer be earth

The author's comments:

water is everything and we dont even realize it

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