Ode To Anger

February 10, 2017
By trappical BRONZE, Sacramento, California
trappical BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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I was pushed to my limit
Knock Knock, Anger was at my door.
Anger is like a deadly disease,
Anger sounds like a single fierce lions roar,
Heard 10 miles away from the bright green fields.

It's hard to control
Like trying to stop a fish out of water flipping around
Makes my go insane.

The air grows thicker
Reminding me of the happiness I once had.
The puddle of hazel brown in my eye drains replacing with black.
Adrenaline racing through my veins
As if it was a herd of buffalo running from a gunshot.

You’re everywhere I go, my stalker
I walk alone feeling like my heart was ripped from my chest
Time went to slow that the lion decided not to kill,
Kill the innocent dear out of anger and wandered out of the door of the woods.
The weeping clouds fade away as the sun gives birth to the ray of light
Leaving the dead fields to grow and be green again on the other side.

Anger don't knock on my door again.
No Ones Home. ????

The author's comments:

Anger shows up at everyones door, Only you can kick it out.

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