March 20, 2009
I walk alone,
Talk alone,
Cut alone,
Cry alone,
I am Emo

I dance with accompaniment,
Cheer with a accompaniment,
Talk with accompaniment,
Cry with accompaniment,
Cheerlead with accompaniment,
I am Prep

I walk with a glare
Talk with a glare,
Dream with a glare,
Stare with a glare,
I am Goth

i practice with pride,
Fight with pride,
Play with pride,
Win with pride,
Lay with pride,
I am Jock

I wear different colors,
My clothes tie-dyed,
I speak to different people,
And write poetry,
And if you ask what clique I'd be,
I'd have to answer woth only one answer,
Three little words that say what I mean,

I am Me.

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