Ode To Sarcasm

February 10, 2017
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Sarcasm is everywhere, it is the oxygen to
our words.
Sarcasm can’t be seen yet it can still
hurt people.
We use it all the time yet no-one gives it
the respect it deserves…
although it can be taken the wrong way.
It is the words to our mouth, the phrases to our
Sentences, but like a nuke, it can kill.
There is Sarcasm everywhere, heck, I probably wrote
a few Sarcastic lines, but tell me…
would I be Sarcastic if I said what I wrote is true?


But you don’t have to believe me, that what
Sarcasm is all about. Truth, Lies, Phrases, Sentences,
Sarcasm shines through them all. Sarcasm is a riddle to
your answers, an illusion of a joke that has a
hidden meaning to it, it’s hard to understand at first yet
you still use your knowledge to interpret it.
It doesn’t matter who you are, Sarcasm is sitting
right beside you, you just don’t notice it.
Don’t worry...
Neither does anyone else.

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