Basketball sestina

February 10, 2017
By Jessicaberry BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Jessicaberry BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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6 a.m in the gym and all we hear is basketballs,
bouncing and rolling around the court.
An occasional “swoosh”but that takes a lot of practice.
We work together day and night as a team.
If one person messes up we’re all on the line
Running seventeens.

I remember one practice we ran seventeen
sprints; we didn’t even touch a basketball .
All we did was condition because States was on the line
And we were pouring all our hard work on the court
Because we wanted to be the winning team
With the winning mindset that was ingrained in practice.

How many people do you know have a caroling Christmas practice?
you know me,so that’s one. But soon I’ll be seventeen
And when it comes around I’ll have another team
And when you look up basketball
All you will see is me or maybe I’ll be a lawyer and I’ll see you in court
Or even in Kmart at the checkout line

Reading between the lines.
You can see I clearly hate practice
I’d much rather be at the food court
Ordering a number seventeen
Not even thinking about a basketball
Watching my favorite soccer team

I wanted to be on the softball team
But my coaches love saying “on the line”
So by the time I was finished with basketball
I couldn’t make it to softball practice
Because all those seventeen
Had me in so much pain I had to crawl off the court

I don’t want them to leave for a bigger court
I love my team
But if they do maybe I’ll see them in seventeen
Years in a line
Buying children's book so our kids can practice
Anything but basketball

Even though I love being on the court and we are always on the line
I love my team and we have fun in practice
Despite all the seventeen I’ll never forget basketball

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