Gettin Caught Ousside In Society

February 9, 2017

It’s like I’m growin up in a world straight negativity
Depression up inside me
They cast me out society
Come on y’all just lemme be
The leader that I needa see
I think My beauty is outside of me

He answers all my constant needs
He loves me and lifts me up
And all that precious blood shed. . . mmm well that’s enough
He is my Lord and Savior
Yezzuh my one and only

See that old Satan guy
Man he’s just a phony
And betchoo if he tried he couldn’t rent a homie
And all his words and lies hmmm. just bologna

Boi all them days with Satan
Man it was a just a mess
God is my strength and father this I shall confess
So For the future comin I bow and pray God bless

He took away my fears, my hurts, de jerks, la tears
To think about the heaven hearin angels cheer
Bruh it warms my heart up
This just made my year

And when he comes back
Yeah all yall non-believers
Bein saved is what yall lack
There will be no cutting slack

But hey sorry Jack
You had your chance to receive
Yet you chose not to believe
Now you have to burn in hell with DeShawnrion, Mikey, and Steve

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