Galou walk

March 20, 2009
I commited no crime
yet I walk in his place
to the gallous I tread
my stage of death
Horror accross the face
of my brother and love
but I dare not look for
They are the ones I replaced
Their sins of evil
now stain me
So with the neuse around my neck
I tread to the galous
were my death will be
the last is act
My stage were I will kick
and then stop
My stage that will remove the sin
That now sits on my shoulders
The galous I shale tread
To the death that is not mine
I shale breath my last breath
and stand only in the ground
The neuse and the galous
I do not fear
But the judgment on my soul
That will take my to
Heaven or Hell
Then my last breath left me
hanging in the wind

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