The Love of The Sport

February 8, 2017
By MikeStanczak BRONZE, Southplainfield, New Jersey
MikeStanczak BRONZE, Southplainfield, New Jersey
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The Love of The Sport
The Love of that feeling of no worries when you touch the diamond
The love when you put on that uniform and that you represent something
The love of those hot summer days and the dripping sweat off the brim of your hat
The love of the crack of the wooden bat when you hit that dinger
The love when you walk up to the plate and you feel in control of the game
The love of that burn on your arms for making all those plays to save the game
The love of the leather gloves and pine tar bats and the fresh cut grass
The love of feeling like a powdered donut after a game
The love of your baseball family supporting you through everything
The love of making the most filthy double play with your brothers
The love of waking up on a Sunday at four in the morning
The love of all the sore arms after throwing three games in a row
The love of winning that championship game for your team and winning the MVP award
The love of running the bases like Billy Hamilton and making that headfirst slide into home
The love of knowing what you did wrong and knowing what to fix to be a better ball player
The love of the grind we put into get better everyday
The love of knowing that you're special and that not everyone can be like you
The love of being unique and not like the others
The love of laughing at people saying it's not that hard to hit a ball
The Love of all the coaches that helped you through your journey
The Love of the game
The Love of The Sport

The author's comments:

The love of the game and how much this means to me and just how it speaks to me.

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