February 8, 2017
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Once i lay this poem ya gon know that i'm lyrical
Let it resonate in your body, spiritual
They like ayo Bundu what they do to you
Nothing i just like to make a statement and turn some heads like a bunch of hoola hoops

I'm very creative it runs through my genes
Just like Martin Luther King I had a dream and I still have a dream, to be successful
the color of my skin don't matter I'm just like each and everyone of you
All eyes no tunnel view on YouTube i gotta couple views

Ever since a youngin i've been artistic never sadistic
Lemme explain i colored in the lines in coloring books
The struggle of growing up inna inner city made me take my anger out onna pencil
I draw and make designs without a stencil
So the pain and the hungers in the pencil

Being art inclined gives me the upper hand
Time is money, it's running out like sand
These people can't hold me like a weak hand
Always inna front and never inna back working toward my dreams now
So i could make stacks

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