I wish

February 8, 2017
Every day I flip back to bed

Mom comes in

Five minutes you said

I stare at the clock

Why don’t you wait for me?

Now where’s my sock

I need some sympathy.

School here I come, my homework all done

To be given to a rich dad’s son.

Waiting in the bus on the last long seat

There is a sudden rise in my heart beat.

He walks up to me as soon as my mom says bye

Thinking I have a fun time at school- it’s all a lie.

They snatch my bag, empty it down

The kids watch and laugh at me- the sad clown.

Take my papers, my sleepless nights

My lunch, mom’s healthy bites

Is it the color of my skin?

Or because I am bony thin?

What have I done to have no friends?

My only mistake to not follow the trends

Of lying, stealing and calling it ’cool’

I rather be a solitary mule.

I walk in the door where students form groups

More like their own backfiring troops.

‘I tell you to tell none’

It’s a secret, ‘that girl’s a scum’.

But the whisper is certainly Chinese

It passes on from eyes to knees.

And finally they come to me, a punch bag am I

And I show my back but never deny

Too scared to tell anyone, too scared to not

I am not the only one but a part of the minority

Who have surrendered to the pharaoh’s deity.

How long do I be a slave?

I wish someone could be a Good Samaritan

Or could I just be brave.

When will I ever see a shooting star?

Or have the luck of the boy with the scar.

I want to be a part of the garden of sunflowers

On whom the sun’s light showers

They all have the same direction, they all one

They sway together, together have fun.

Someone see the dried flower, soon to be dead

Wishing upon the sun to light it red

Help it bloom too and smile

Rise and walk with pride on the aisle.

I want to stand up even though I am alone

But I'm just a kid; I can't take it on my own.

And yet I prefer to be a little nobody

Than be an evil somebody

But tomorrow in the bus when he comes up to me

My bottled bent courage shall speak,

‘All you are is a jealous BULLY!’

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