Super bowl Ll- The Greatest in History

February 7, 2017

Super bowl Ll may go down as the greatest of all others. It pulled at the heartstrings of all viewers, fans, enthusiasts, and sport lovers all around.
The first quarter was a stalemate, with each team not scoring, but the Falcons defense sure looked brutal. Each team was going out strong, but you could see early on, that the Patriot defense would have an extremely tough time with the quick-paced Atlanta Offense. Tom Brady also didn't have it too easy on the offensive side for the Patriots. Tom, arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, hit the floor a few more times than the team had hoped, due to Atlanta's Defense smashing through the offensive line.
The second quarter was pointing to an Atlanta win. The Patriots were not playing their game and were getting shut down on both defense and offense. The Falcons had taken an early 7-0 lead. Shortly after, the Falcons scored again, making it 14-0, off a fumble by 250 lb., New England Running back, LeGarrette Blount. Shortly after, Atlanta scored once again, making the game a brutal 21-0 in Atlanta's favor! This time it came from an Interception by Atlanta cornerback Robert Alford. He returned the offset Brady passed football for an 81 yard run, with nobody in his open path. All hope seemed lost, until finally the Patriots put up a field goal, late in the second quarter, making the first half final score, a whopping 21-3 in the Falcons favor.
During halftime, as everyone took their bathroom breaks, watched Lady Gaga preform, and take a bite to eat, all hope seemed lost, seeing as how no Super bowl team had ever come back from a 17 point lead. Patriot fans held hope, but it was diminishing very quickly. Atlanta fans began thinking of how much money they would make off bets they made with Patriot fans, and how hard they could cheer, almost certain that the game would end in an Atlanta victory. You can never have too much confidence for your team though, especially since they are playing a six time Super bowl winning team.
The third quarter was underway, with the Falcon crowd cheering over the cowering Patriot fans. Patriot coach, Bill Belichick, gave a stern lecture in the locker room, as he told the boys in blue, red, and white, to step up their game. However, this pep talk didn't last long, as the Falcons scored yet another touchdown, making the game 28-3 in their favor. The third quarter had ended, and all hope seemed lost.
As the Patriots entered the fourth Quarter, Tom Brady made sure they wouldn't go down without a fight. A 25 point deficit would never stop a man like Brady! The score went from 28-3, to 28-9, to 28-12, to 28-20, to a 28-28 tie!!! This was Super bowl history! The Patriots offense and defense fired up their cannons and shot their hearts and souls out on the battlefield. They had the heart of warriors, and for that, their momentum and magnitude of superiority never ceased to stop. The Falcons were fearing for the very first time.
Just like that, Super bowl history was made. A team came back from a 25 point deficit! Not only this, but they were heading to overtime! No other Super bowl teams had ever gone in overtime, so this announcement just made the game that much more thrilling and invigorating!
As the coin was flipped by the official, the Patriot fans rose up, like a phoenix from the ashes. The coin landed heads, just as they had called. The Patriots would get the ball in sudden death. A touchdown would clench the Super bowl Ll title, a field goal would help insure it, but no points at all would be a tight rope walk off the Grand Canyon without a harness. If the Patriots failed, Julio Jones, a Falcons WR, and Matt Ryan, the Falcons QB, would march down the field and claim honor and triumph for Atlanta. However, there was a problem for Matt and Julio. Tom Brady keeps his cool no matter the situation. He has been there and done that. This was merely another game for him. Another game that would make him arguably the greatest QB of all time, according to an ESPN article.
The Patriots strode down the field, stomping on the Falcons, almost as if they were bugs in the turf. The once prolonged and powerful Atlanta defense was no more. They had fallen to their elders. The young generation was no match for the massive intellect and power of a veteran team. As Tom Brady made his final play call, Patriot offense lined up, inside the 10 yard line. 319. Down. Set. Hike. Brady pitched the ball to his fifth Super bowl Title, where he would once again be named MVP, and the greatest QB of all time, alongside the greatest Super bowl of all time.

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