This Place

February 7, 2017
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I hate it; this house, this street, this town.
It's a life sentence without parole; I'll never get out.
Once, that was my train of thought, but it's all different now.
Ever since you left me I can't stop thinking about
All these new plans to leave but each one I doubt.
Then something strange happened to hit;
But normal people might not believe it.
This place, I swear, has been cursed.
Put under some spell that cannot be reversed.
People come and go left and right
When, if they stayed, they'd save so much time.
For 18 years, the young plan their escape;
But life flies by and that’ll all change.
This place can appear to be a prison cell
And, sometimes, even feel like a living hell.
Anywhere but here is where we all wanna go;
Fault of six lane summer traffic or excessive winter snow.
As for the escape,
Well, that's the easy part.
It's the "I'm not goin' back,"
That will rip out your heart.

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