Drowning in a pool

February 7, 2017
By 18clacasale BRONZE, South Plainfield , New Jersey
18clacasale BRONZE, South Plainfield , New Jersey
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 Drowning in the pool
One day, I’m sitting by the pool
I see this girl and she’s making me drool
She has a set of beautiful eyes
But when she talks, I can identify her lies
  Long legs, long hair
With the thought that she could be my greatest dare
So I go up to her trying to find the right word
But then she left in flight like a bird
Then I think what does it really mean
Trying to figure out if it’s the right scene
  Often lost, confused, and scared
Usually in a state of being impaired
In the world, I try to figure out where I could be
But I often feel as small as a pea
  Feeling like a caged animal
With my inside feeling so flammable
Got me feeling invisible like a ghoul
But instead I’m drowning in a pool

The author's comments:

It was a piece I created that made me come out with some personal infomation. It was a deep personal connection to me and the title of the poem. I never really let any emotions out and for me publishing this piece, I gonna try to be a better person.

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