What Is Love?

February 7, 2017

Some folks ask what is love?
As for me the question is, in this world is there love?
Is there love or is there only lust?
The love of a friendship,
Is much more valuable than the lust in most relationships.
Many people have found love.
Some are searching for love.
And there are those who are drowning in love.
Many people question love,
The question I ask is will love ever be understood?


Love is the answer and the key.
They say it's the only thing that can defeat confusion and darkness,
The real enemy.
I’ve been told many things that I am.
Dark, cold hearted, weary.
At times they may apply,
But down deep inside,
I’ve found love,
I know what it feels like.
To have love isn’t the problem,
The problem is only understanding love.
There is no formula,
I can’t just plug in some numbers and have a solution.
I just have a continuous, confusing problem.
However, if I don’t chance love,
Then, who am I to say I know love?
In life you have to take difficult and simple risks,
If you don’t take risks then you’ll never make it anywhere in life.

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