The Road To Victory

February 7, 2017

The winning touchdown is up to me
I take rapid breaths of air filling my chest
This is the time I have to be all I can be
Showing them all I can be the best


I step up to the line with dull fire in my eyes
Waiting for the snap for what seems like days
My hands closed tightly trying not to shake
One moment later the team catches a confused gaze


Coach calling a timeout to kill the game clock
Just delaying our nerves as we try not to think
Before we go back I pull my gloves on tight
I’m ready for this time trying not to blink 


The moment has come to settle the score
With the ball in the air and into my hands it soars
As the crowd begins to roar at the change in the score
My heart began to race as I realized we just won state

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