The Big Game

February 7, 2017
By , South Plainfield , NJ

The people have  been waiting for this game all year.
When your team's not in it, it brings the fans a tear.
But the game is almost near.
Nothing compares to the super bowl this time of year.

It’s the falcons vs the patriots in the big game
Neither team wants to bring their fans shame
Because they know they would be the only one to blame
But the championship is up for grabs for either team to claim.

The time is here it’s time to play
People  have been anticipating this all day
Throughout the game opinions sway.
Because when both teams get the ball they can score and go all the way.

At the end of halftime 21-3 was the score
The falcons pretty much had the game won but couldn’t close the door
The Patriots found the opening and the team put the pedal to the floor

By the end it was a good game indeed
But unfortunately the falcons blew a huge lead

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