Rollercoaster of Friendship

January 24, 2017
By Anonymous

It can be the finest and lowest
Relationship of your life.
You share memories, gossip,
And even clothes. She’s the
Brightest star in the sky of your
Life. A vibrant yellow shinning as
Much as a freshly polished diamond.
Giving you guidance even
Through the darkest of nights.
You can tell her everything,
Even when you’re fearful.
You care about her, confide in her,
Laugh with her, and feel like
She would do anything for you.
She shares your high and low days,
As you would do all the same for her.

You think you are on the same page,
And then she goes behind your back.
Your star engulfed by a black hole.
She lies to you, deceives you,
And makes you feel that you
Never really knew her at all.
Beginning to question your
Innermost feelings of what it’s really like
To be hurt by the one you thought
Cared the most. Now she only cares for
Herself, a selfish and malicious move.
To feel the knife of your
Best friends dishonesty is like
The pain of a thousand needles.
A chain wrapped around your
Heart trailing it to the pit of
Your stomach. A gloomy and
Bitter place you never imagined.
Creatures formed of uncertainty, angst,
And sorrow lurk in the pit of your soul.
You see her and want to crush her
The same way she’s agonized you.
Open her oblivious eyes to the
Friendship she has damaged and made
Ragged. You burn with fury as her
Deception continues. Adding
Bricks to the wall she’s built of lies
Inside your weighted, twinge heart.
You feel as if you can never go back.
But then, when you’ve almost had enough,
She comes back. Still bruised you fight the Urge to let her in again. To show her
You care, confide in her, laugh with her.
And then somehow she does it.
She’s back in. She’s broken the wall.
The flower of your wilted relationship
Blooms once again. All it took
Was a single moment. A word or
Phrase to open the door to a sea
Of memories, love, and most of all

The author's comments:

Inspired by an actual event between two best friends. 

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