Astronomical Love

January 23, 2017

As I am slipping through this wormhole, surpassing time
and defying the gravity I have come to be so content with--
I realize that the chaos of the cosmos has taken a home in my beating heart.
And the start of this seemingly boundless continuum of spacetime
astonishes my every sense.
I wonder if it will ever end.

Gazing out upon this extraterrestrial world, longing for it to remain endless,
I am amazed
at the quietness of your entirety.
For this system of yours is so complex, yet somehow so
And the science of this will forever confuse me
because no matter how relentless our emotions are, doubt still clouds my expectations and I wonder if it will ever end.

Two celestial bodies, we drift—
and this unstoppable, intergalactic connection which radiates between us seems so right in this moment of everlasting flight.
It feels as though not even the strongest sun could scorch what we have going for us.
I wonder if it will ever end.

Although I am terrified of my hopes falling
Into the black hole that lurks within the depths of my fear, those golden stars that twinkle just beneath your bros keep me at ease, and for that I remain in orbit.

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