Black White Brown And Blue

January 23, 2017
By Jada__Monet BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Jada__Monet BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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I cannot change the color of my skin

I do not want to change the color of my skin

Why should I be treated differently by my appearance?

Looks don’t make a person

My beautiful BROWN skin doesn’t make me a criminal

Its apart of who I am

What is it about my skin separates me from a white man or woman?

We are all equal

Or is that just what the law says?

You cannot preach what you don’t believe

Does my negro decent put me on a path for failure?

A path of drugs and murder

Or maybe a path of eating fried chicken and watermelon  everyday…

If a black man is walking home at night with a rose in one hand for his wife

And his other hand in his pocket

Is he a criminal?

He’s a black man in a black hoodie and sweatpants

Does that mean he’s up to trouble?

If a white cop stops him and starts to question him,

Does it mean he did something wrong?

If the cop tells the dispatch that the black man has a weapon,

Does he?

If the cop calls for backup while claiming a gun is pointed at him

Is the gun really on him?

If the cop turns his body camera off and proceeds to pull his gun from his side

Will he fire it?

3 shots and another black man is taken from the black community

Did he deserve it? No

But did it happen anyway? Yes

Now the Black community has the blues

The deep dark depressing blues

A black woman who is now a widow and alone

Left broken

There is someone that isn’t broken and upset

It’s the white cop who shot her husband and got away with it

There is someone else who isn’t broken and upset beside the cop

It’s a little more than half of the white population

They care more about a monkey dying than the people they 

compared them to

How does that make sense?

If only the roles were reversed….

A black man with a gun

A white man walking home with a rose for his wife

The black man shoots and kills the innocent white man

Of course he doesn’t get away with it

Next thing he knows. he has 6o years to life in jail without parole

Do you see a difference in consequences for the same action?

The color of your skin could save you or get you killed

But you cannot change your race

Being black is a blessing but gets treated like a curse

In my opinion, being black is the best curse known to men

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this poem after I saw the movie Hidden Figures. The way the whites treated the black women left me upset. Then ideas started flowing when I went home. This was the result.

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