Where Turkeys Trigger Terror

January 23, 2017
By , Saint Joseph, MI

Constant crackles of the campfire,
and the occasional sharp pops dominate all other noise,
sending sparks shooting through the air,
illuminating the entire campsite.

Sunlight peeks through each cliff and tree,
and it bounces off the river 
which flows through every trail.
Budding flowers align the valley walls,
and the thick mud laces the pathways

The heavy humidity causes steady sweat,
nly to be cooled off by the natural canopy of the trees.
Or a quick dip in the shallow creek,
tickled by the vast schools of minnows
In the crystal clear stream.

As night turns cold and heartless,
so do the sticks and rocks,
upon which you sleep,
underneath the Mount Everest of blankets

Shooting through your mind.
Wolf howls seem close,
and a single snap of a twig,
Triggers your deepest fears.

Where a good night sleep,
turns into a battle with your mind.
You wonder,
What lurks in the darkness of a campground.

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